Jennie Truitt

When I was a little girl,  I can remember being asked

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

My reply was always---

“an artist."

     I have a love of working with pencils. To me it is such a unique and amazing medium.  I like to create not only the images I see,  but to capture it with the incredible detail that is possible with graphite. When a work of mine attracts someone from across the room,  and they move in closer, and get within inches so that they can study it close up - that's when I have accomplished my mission. 

      It’s still amazing to me after so many years to watch my drawings come to life.  I feel such an attachment to each and every one.

      I feel deeply blessed to be able to express myself through my work and to have touched  the lives of so many people.  

      Thank you to those that have inspired me to pursue my dream, and to those that have led to my continued growth as an artist and as a person.



                       Jennie working under supervision                          


        Born in Washington state, Jennie's early years revealed a strong inclination towards art. From grammar school through high school, art became her passion.

        In the early 1980's, the opportunity arose for Jennie to move to Anchorage, Alaska with her Mom , Dad and her young son Waylon. In her words, Alaska is the "Land of Magic" where  diverse wildlife abounds in such a breathtaking and beautiful landscape. Viewing her subjects first- hand offers her great inspiration which  has inspired  her to develop her unique artistic style and has led to the realization of her life-long dream. 

         In the mid 1980's she met her now best friend, mentor and husband, Ian, while he was teaching private art classes to adults. With his inspiration and motivation, he has guided her in many ways to continue this venture.

        Jennie and her family relocated to Washington State in the early 1990's where she has continued to refine her unique artistic style. For 14 years she concentrated  on fulfilling commissions of personal pets.  Her goal has been to capture the spirit and soul of these animals though her medium. With each commission, she has felt a special connection to the creatures that she has drawn. 

        Jennie is now taking a new direction. Traveling and taking photos of Wildlife with her husband Ian. She is focusing her talent to capture the grace and beauty of the wildlife subjects that she has always desired to draw. 

       Being able to view her subjects first hand,  she says,  has benefited her immensely. 

       Working in her studio, she  continues to reveal the Wonders of Pencil.



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